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   Professional sealed-edge vacuum...

Professional sealed-edge vacuum bag for all vacuum machines with chamber - chamber devices.

The sealed edge bags in proven professional quality in the thickness of 90my consist of two materials. On the one hand from 70my polyethylene (PE) and on the other hand from 20my polyamide (PA). PA serves as an oxygen barrier and aroma protection, while PE serves as a moisture barrier and sealing medium.

These PA / PE vacuum bags guarantee excellent sealing properties and are characterized by a high puncture resistance and excellent oxygen barrier. The sealed edge bags have a very high level of break resistance and the highest tightness values. This prevents no oxygen from reaching the vacuum-packed food and products.

Sealing temperature: 110 - 180 C (depending on machine and product)

Temperature resistance: -20 C to + 85 C

These boil-proof chamber vacuum bags are also suitable for sous vide. The bags are guaranteed to be suitable for food and are used in butchers, hotels and restaurants.

Please note:

The vacuum bags - sealed edge bags - Vacuum bags are smooth and specially developed for vacuum chamber machines.

These vacuum bags are not suitable for external vacuum machines, household vacuum devices (with these devices, the bag is placed in front of the device), they require vacuum bags with structure (GOFFRIERT, honeycomb structure) to function.

250x300mm Vacuum Bag

Sealed-edge vacuum bags in proven professional quality for...

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