Biodent Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

BIODENT toothpaste without fluoride

The Biodent toothpaste without fluoride with stevia is free of fluorides, free of artificial sweeteners and synthetic preservatives.

The mildly foaming toothpaste gently removes deposits and dental plaque with natural cleaning agents made from microfine mineral earth. Due to its basic property, the pH value is 7.9-8, the green mineral earth has a neutralizing effect on acids.

To keep the oral flora healthy and to prevent tooth decay and paradentosis, a combination of active ingredients made from stevia and olive leaf extract, as well as the anti-inflammatory chamomile, supports and protects sensitive gums

Green mineral earth is the main component of the fluoride-free Biodent toothpastes and its basic properties have a neutralizing effect on acids. Plaque and even stubborn deposits on the teeth are gently removed by micro-fine earth particles. The BIODENT basicS toothpaste is a little firmer in consistency compared to BIODENT vital toothpaste .

BIODENT toothpastes:

without synthetic preservatives

without fluoride

without artificial sweeteners

The 1st STEVIA toothpaste produced according to BDIH criteria without sorbitol! BIODENT toothpastes carry the BDIH certificate for controlled natural cosmetics.
dermatestŪ Medical Research Company / Certificate 2007: for BIODENT basicS and vital : dermatologically and allergologically tested (not on animals), with a very good rating.

BIODENT BasicS Toothpaste

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