Stevia Extract Powder

White Stevia Powder/Extract

There are two types of Stevia powder, white and green powder. The green stevia powder consists of the ground stevia leaves and has a low sweetening power and is less neutral in taste than the white stevia powder.

The white Stevia powder are Steviol glycosides and Rebaudiosides, the sweet components of the Stevia plant and are characterized by a very high sweetening power.

Quality of Stevia Powder/Extract

Only high-quality Steviol glycosides and Rebaudiosid-A with a purity content of at least 95% are used in the manufacture of steviapura products. The extraction of the steviol glycosides obtained from the plants of the Stevia homeland Paraguay takes place in a gentle way and without additives. Try the excellent quality of steviapura powders and extracts.  

The use and dosage of Stevia powder/extract as sweetener

Since the Stevia powder/extract has a very high sweetening power, the dosage should therefore be very sparing, preferably with a Stevia dosage spoon. The use of the white Stevia powder/extract is very easy with the practical dosage spoon. So you can save many calories with Stevia powder/extract as a sugar alternative and do not have to do without sweets.

The white Stevia Powder/Extract is versatile and easy to use. Ideal for cooking and baking, for low-calorie sweetening of hot or cold drinks, especially coffee, chocolate or tea.

Simply replace conventional sugars and sweeteners with sweeteners made from Stevia extracts from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It can be used to sweeten and refine desserts, ice cream, yoghurt, jam, milk shakes, muesli, fruit salad and pudding, while at the same time saving many calories.

Athletes like to use the white Stevia powder/extract as a sweetener for calorie-free sweetening of energy drinks and protein shakes.
Diabetics appreciate the sweetener from the Stevia plant which is approved in the EU, which is Stevia insulin neutral and also tooth-friendly. Enjoy the calorie-free Stevia sweetness, the sugar substitute, which supports you with a health-conscious nutrition.

The Sweet Stevia Herb from Paraguay

Already the natives in Paraguay, the Guarani Indians know this as "Caa-Hee" or also honey herb mentioned, for centuries. The indigenous peoples use the extract from the Stevia rebaudiana plant for sweetening or as a remedy for blood pressure and digestive problems. In 1887, the Swiss botanist Moses Bertoni discovered the Stevia plant on a trip to Paraguay and thus found his way to Europe.

It took a very long time until the sweet ingredients, the steviol glycosides from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, were also approved as sweeteners in the EU in December 2011. European consumers who value a healthy diet can now use stevia extracts as sweeteners.