Pure, Liquid Stevia Extract from the Stevia Plant

Without bitter Taste, Flavours, Alcohol or Fructose

Stevia Liquid Sweetener | Easy to Dose

This Liquid Stevia Extract, (also called Sweet Stevia Drops) is a composition of the Steviol Glycosides commonly known as Stevia.

Stevia is a sweet plant that produces natural sweeteners known as Steviol Glycosides. These are extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant and used as alternative sweeteners to replace sugar in foods and beverages.

Liquid Stevia Extracts are very sweet and a small amount is enough to replace a large amount of sugar, so only a few drops are needed to achieve the desired sweetness.

The intense sweetness of steviapura Liquid Sweetener is derived from the natural components of the Stevia plant, the Steviol Glycosides and Rebaudioside-A.

High-quality raw materials, the manufacturing process and an optimal recipe are the guarantee for a very pleasant and sweet taste and without the bitter aftertaste.

The steviapura Liquid Stevia Sweetener is one of the tasty products available today as Stevia Liquid Sweetener. The Stevia Sweetener can be used in many products for sweetening without calories. For example, for low-calorie sweetening in smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, for baking and cooking, it is a real alternative to artificial Sweetener.

With the drop-by-drop dosage, the Stevia Liquid Sweetener can be quickly and easily stirred in and mixed.

With the steviapura Liquid Sweetener you get a high-quality product. Because of the good taste, the high yield and the price-performance ratio, it is used worldwide by health-conscious consumers and diabetics.

steviapura Liquid Sweeteners do not contain artificial sweeteners, fructose or sucralose.

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