Stevia Leaves

Stevia Leaves

The versatile Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant from South America offers consumers and diabetics a new natural way to sweeten. It is becoming increasingly popular not only in the kitchen but also in cosmetics and dental care. The benefits of the sweet ingredients of stevia leaves are changing the mindset of many people around the world who simply want to consume less sugar. Stevia leaves with their natural sweetening power are not only low in calories, tooth-friendly and have many other valuable properties that can be especially helpful for people suffering from diabetes or obesity.

Interesting facts about the natural product Stevia Leaves

The Stevia plant is native to South America, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil from where the Stevia leaves originate. There Stevia leaves have been used for centuries by the local population not only for sweetening mate tea and tea but also for medicinal purposes. Also in our country there are more and more products in which the ingredients of the leaves are used to use the advantages of this natural product.

The Stevia leaves are cultivated in Latin America mainly in farmers' cooperatives, often harvested by hand and air-dried gently. They do not require any artificial additives and guarantee the best quality - even after raw food, nothing is eaten that has been heated to over 42 degrees Celsius. This should preserve enzymes and vitamins that can be destroyed by heating.

In the EU, the leaves of the stevia plant are not yet approved as a food additive. However, there are also regional exceptions in Germany where these have been approved as food. In contrast, in many countries stevia leaves have been appreciated for centuries, especially in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and especially in Japan. In the EU and thus also in Germany, stevia was only approved in December 2011. In the European food and beverage industry, more and more products have been offered since then that do justice to the zeitgeist of a healthy and low-sugar diet.

The advantages of stevia leaves

The leaf of the stevia plant has an amazing natural sweetness, these sweet components are also called steviosides or steviol glycosides. The leaf itself has a sweetening power of 30 to 40 and concentrated stevia extract up to 400 times sweeter than sucrose (household or granulated sugar).
To sweeten drinks and food even very small amounts are sufficient and Stevia is therefore very productive. Not only diabetics appreciate the advantages of the calorie-free, insulin-neutral and tooth-friendly new sweetness.
The leaves of the South American plant are also used in cosmetics, as a bath additive or for masks and in fluoride-free toothpastes. The leaves can also be used to make a special extract (also called dulce). In tea, but also in other drinks and food can be sweetened in this way. Stevia leaves are becoming more and more popular all over the world because they are not only a genuine, natural alternative to sugar, but also for people who are looking after their slim lines or are on a diet. Diabetics with diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2 appreciate Stevia to keep the blood sugar level neutral and not to have to do without sweets. Recipes with stevia leaves help to reduce sugar consumption.
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