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You want to know what to look out for when buying Stevia?

Hardly any other sugar substitute is currently as popular as Stevia. Many people have already tried the sweetener. It is not uncommon for the taste to be judged as negative the first time you use it. This is mainly due to the liquorice-like, bitter aftertaste.

However, there are significant differences in quality between the many Stevia products on the market. These quality differences are particularly noticeable in the sweetening power and the taste in question. You can find out the exact reasons for this and other tips for buying Stevia here.

The 3 important criteria for buying Stevia

The three main factors for buying Stevia products are sweetness, taste and yield. A high quality Stevia product is characterized by a particularly high sweetening power and excellent taste. This results in a very good yield and, in most cases, a lack of aftertaste. If you have not liked a Stevia product in the past, it is most likely because it was a less good product.

Many Stevia products in supermarkets and unfortunately often in organic retail stores, often contain very little steviol glycosides (Stevia). Many Stevia liquid sweeteners contain fructose or glucose as an ingredient. It is similar with Stevia sweetener tablets, where dextrose and vanilla flavoring is often added to mask inferior raw material qualities. Stevia sweeteners are also very often offered with maltodextrin.

Before buying, you should compare the individual products!

These properties make a good Stevia product:

1. the degree of purity

The base of a high quality Stevia product is usually made of steviol glycosides (Stevia) with a purity of at least 95% and not cheap additives or fillers.

2. the rebaudioside A content

Rebaudioside A is the sweetest component of the leaf and is often referred to as "Reb-A". It should have a content of at least 60% to 98%.

Only when all these conditions are met can the taste of Stevia be compared to that of regular sugar. All Stevia products we know of that are sold in supermarkets as Stevia liquid sweeteners, sweetener tablets or sweetener powder have a very low Stevia content and often contain flavors and fructose.

Where can you buy "good Stevia"?

Reasons that speak for steviapura products:

  • Excellent taste due to high-quality stevia raw materials
  • Up to 450 times the sweetening power of conventional sugar
  • Long durability
  • tooth-friendly, as the formation of caries bacteria is prevented
  • Enjoy without a guilty conscience - Stevia has 0 calories
  • Also suitable for diabetics and vegans
  • Particularly inexpensive due to the yield
  • Easy dosage with the aid of a dosage spoon

Products that meet these criteria can be found in our Stevia Shop in various dosage forms.

If you have any questions please call our customer service. We will gladly answer your questions.

Currently, there is no other sugar alternative that has as many positive properties as Stevia.

For these reasons you should buy Stevia

Other synthetically produced sweeteners such as acesulfame, advantam, aspartame, cyclamate, neohesperidine, neotame, saccharin, sucralose and thaumatin are not natural, often do not have an optimal taste and are even suspected of promoting cancer. In addition, they often trigger ravenous appetite attacks and are therefore very unsuitable for a diet.

Alternative, natural sweeteners such as agave syrup, palm sugar/coconut blossom sugar, honey, rice syrup, malt sugar/malt syrup and xylitol often cause digestive disorders and often have as many calories as conventional household sugar.