Payment Methods

The following payment methods are available:


Within the payment service PayPal Plus we offer you different payment methods as PayPal Services. After placing your order you will be redirected to the website of the online provider PayPal. There you can enter your payment data and confirm the payment order to PayPal. Thereby the contract with us is concluded.


VISA, Master Card, American Express

Select "Credit Card" as payment method, then you can simply enter your credit card details WITHOUT having to register at PAYPAL. Your payment is immediately booked with us and we can ship your order quickly.


Exclusively for customers from Germany, the PayPal Plus Program offers the possibility of payment by direct debit as a direct selection below the PayPal payment method. Possible credit checks are carried out by PayPal and the payment would then also be possible without a PayPal account.

When paying by direct debit as a payment source, you give PayPal a direct debit authorization to collect the amount from your bank account specified by PayPal. The following happens in the background:

Your bank receives the payment order to pay the amount to PayPal.

PayPal in turn receives a payment order to pay the appropriate amount of e-money to the payee.

PayPal uses the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate in Germany. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is an initiative of the European Commission and European banks to make payments in the euro zone more efficient. If you deposit a bank account with PayPal or if you use a new bank account as a payment source for the first time, you grant PayPal a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate. In your PayPal account profile, you can access this mandate and the mandate reference number (MRN) at any time and cancel the mandate for future transactions.

If you then use direct debit as a source of payment with PayPal, you authorize PayPal to use this SEPA Direct Debit Mandate, collect the direct debit payment from your bank account and instruct your bank to redeem this direct debit. You can revoke such a direct debit until 8 weeks after the debit date. PayPal will inform you together with the payment confirmation about the amount of the direct debit and the time frame in which the direct debit will be collected.

In the event of a return debit that you have not personally initiated, you authorize PayPal to re-debit at a later date, unless you have already cleared the outstanding amount by other means. PayPal will not separately indicate the amount and timeframe before the direct debit is resubmitted.

In the event of a failed direct debit, you authorize PayPal to debit your credit card or other bank account on file with the amount of the payment plus the fees for failed direct debits as set forth in the Fee Schedule, or to attempt to collect the amount of the payment and the fee by direct debit from your bank account, unless you have already cleared the outstanding amount in another manner. PayPal will inform you during the payment process which payment source we use for this purpose.

A direct debit payment may be subject to routine security checks. If, based on PayPal's internal review, there are risks regarding the direct debit process or there is reason to believe that there is an increased risk in connection with this payment, the following may occur:

PayPal may not complete the payment on the payee's side immediately and may conduct a payment verification process. If this process reveals that there is a problem with the payment, the payment will be reversed and posted back from Seller's reserve account to Buyer's PayPal account. Or, under PayPal's risk model, as long as there is an increased risk that a payment will be rejected or reversed by your bank, PayPal must assume that the appropriate amount is not yet available to fund the e-money payment. In this case, PayPal is entitled not to execute your payment order.

PayPal uses the following key parameters for internal risk assessment in connection with direct debit:

- Risk that there may be insufficient funds in your bank account or that you may have a withdrawal limit,

- Risk that the payment was not correctly authorised by the account holder of the bank account

- Risk that the bank account details are not correct and therefore the transaction is executed incorrectly.

All information about this payment method can be viewed on the corresponding PayPal page before the actual payment process or read here.

Payment Purchase on account *VIA PAYPAL, BUT WITHOUT PAYPAL ACCOUNT*:

If the buyer has chosen the payment method purchase on account, he/she does not need to be registered with PayPal to pay the invoice amount. After successful address and credit check and submission of the order, the seller assigns his claim to PayPal. In this case, the buyer can only make payment to PayPal with debt discharging effect. For the payment processing via PayPal, the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of PayPal apply in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of the seller. Further information and PayPal's complete general terms and conditions for purchase on account can be found here:


If you already have an account with PayPal, you can pay here as usual with credit, direct debit or already deposited credit cards (without entering the data) via PayPal simply, quickly and securely. Your payment is immediately booked with us and we can ship your order quickly.

Prepayment bank transfer

After your order you will receive an invoice by e-mail with our bank details.

Advantages prepayment

The advantage of paying by bank transfer is that you do not have to transmit sensitive credit card data.

After receipt of the invoice amount, the order will be shipped to you immediately. Usually this takes between 2 and 4 days after receipt of payment.

If after 14 days after your order no payment has been received on our account, we will inform you and reserve the right to cancel your order.

Bank transfer payments to:


Bank: Deutsche Bank

IBAN: EN69370700240570050500


Reason for payment: will be shown at the end of your order.

Please note:

Please state your name or company name on the bank transfer and enter your order number/invoice number as reason for transfer.