Stevia Seeds | Stevia rebaudiana | Honey Leaf - Sweet Herb | 1 x 100 seeds

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Stevia seeds sweet herb

1 packet approx. 100 seeds

Grow your own Stevia rebaudiana plant


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Stevia seeds - Stevia seeds - Stevia rebaudiana, sweet herb, honey herb | 1x100 seeds

Can you grow Stevia yourself?

The perennial plant Stevia rebaudiana, also known as sweet honey herb, has been used for centuries in South America as a sweetener and medicinal plant. Stevia is considered an ideal alternative to sugar and conventional sweeteners. The sweetening power of its leaves is around 30 times that of conventional household sugar, yet it contains no calories. In contrast to sugar, stevia also has no caries-promoting properties. The plant is also ideal for diabetics as it does not affect blood sugar levels.

Is the Stevia plant hardy?

The undemanding perennial, which reaches a height of around 50 to 80 centimetres, thrives best in a pot. Although the Stevia plant is perennial, it is not frost-hardy. For this reason, the Stevia plant should spend the winter in a cool place on a windowsill and only be planted in the garden again in spring. Delicate leaves grow on the flexible, hairy shoots and white flowers appear at the tips of the shoots in autumn.

What do I do with the Stevia plant?

Stevia should be used sparingly in the kitchen due to its particularly high sweetening power. Dried leaves can be crumbled and used to sweeten hot tea or cold drinks. The crushed leaves of the Stevia plant are also suitable for sweetening desserts.


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